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When you first start your business, it might be easy to stay on top of customer orders and deliveries. However, as your business expands, you may need to deliver your items to a wider range of customers.

That’s why it can be a good idea to install a WooCommerce shipping plugin. Better yet, it provides a fast way to improve your User Experience (UX) with accurate shipping rates and shipment tracking links.

👉 Since there are tons of options available, here are some key features to look out for in a shipping plugin:

  • Shipment tracking. By giving customers access to their orders, you can increase trust in your business.
  • Shipping calculator. During the checkout process, it’s important to let shoppers know what they’ll pay if they follow through with the purchase.
  • Multiple shipment methods. If you offer a range of products, it’s a good idea to apply different shipping methods to items that vary in weight, size, and product category.
  • Logistics support. For stores with a global customer base, it’s nice to see assistance for international and domestic shipping, and things like logistics software and even fulfillment.

All factors considered, you’ll be in a better position to find an excellent shipping plugin that suits your products and customers. 😎

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