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Highlighting is a time-honored tradition to bring attention to key parts of any text. Everyone highlights documents, from students to professionals and it’s a feature that’s sorely lacking on a lot of websites. That’s why learning how to use WordPress to highlight text can be such a valuable skill. 🤓

By highlighting text, you can point visitors toward the most important parts of any post or article. It makes it easy for users to get the gist of what you’re discussing and it looks good on a page. That last part is no small thing, as making posts as engaging as possible is critical to their success.

In this article, we’re going to show you two ways to use WordPress to highlight text. Let’s start with the more straightforward approach! 🎬

📚 Table of contents:

  1. Highlight text using the Block Editor
  2. Highlight text using a plugin

Learn how to highlight text in #WordPress (2 different methods) 🔦🧾


1. Highlight text using the Block Editor 🧱

It can be hard to spot, but the Block Editor offers a simple feature for highlighting text. To find it, you’ll need to select a block of text or part of it. Once you do, look for the downward-pointing arrow icon in the formatting menu that appears next to the block and click on it. The Highlight option should be the first in the menu:

Selecting the text you want to highlight in WordPress.

When you click on highlight, you’ll be able to choose both the color of the text and its background. That means you can create different highlight combinations:

How to use WordPress to highlight text.

There is a possibility to choose colors from the selection at the bottom of the menu or click on the color picker tool. The tool works with hex codes and it enables you to choose from any color in the spectrum:

Hex color picker tool.

After you select a color for the letters, repeat the same process for the background. Here’s what the result looks like using the classic black letters on a yellow background highlight:

An example of how to use WordPress to highlight text.

Note that you need to pick the words you want to highlight within a block. If you don’t select any part of the text, the highlight won’t apply.

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